One would be hard-pressed to find a cultural sensation as unique and as unexpected as Bronies. Why are these grown men and women attracted to a cartoon intended for little girls? And why are they willing to brave society’s ridicule for their love of the show?

Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony is a feature length documentary film that explores the cultural phenomenon of Bronies. The film chronicles Bronies from around the world, each with their unique story, as they make their way to My Little Pony conventions in Germany, England, and the biggest of all, BronyCon in the USA.

This documentary discovers that the essential story elements of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and Magic – have a universality that extends beyond age and gender, and that Bronies are pushing the boundaries of what society deems appropriate in their quest for a kinder, gentler future.

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  • Bonus segments covering two European conventions: B.U.C.K. in the UK and Galacon in Germany.
  • Extended interviews with Producers Lauren Faust, John de Lancie, and Tara Strong, totaling over three hours.
  • English subtitles provided.
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Unreleased Tapes


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  • Over one hour of additional footage.
  • Featuring The Traveling Pony Museum, Equestria Daily, the German Pirate Party, John Joseco, and more.
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About BronyDoc

In early 2012, John de Lancie discovered that he had been flooded with hundreds of e-mails almost overnight for his portrayal of the mischevious villain Discord in Friendship is Magic. Oddly enough, all of the mail seemed to be coming from adults! This was when he discovered Bronies for the first time, and the concept of such a unique demographic forming around a TV show fascinated him to no end. As the fandom grew, so did his curiosity. Seeking to learn more about this phenomenon, he joined forces with producer Michael Brockhoff to create a documentary, and in the process answer essential questions about the Bronies: who they were, where they came from, and what they aimed to do.

With show creator Lauren Faust and voice actor Tara Strong onboard, they raised support on crowdfunding site Kickstarter and became the second most funded documentary project in the site's history.

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