December 8, 2023

Pro Kabaddi League: Asia’s New Rising Sports Star

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) that was invented in Tamil Nadu is not only popular in India. It’s also now one of the fastest-growing sports in many other Asian countries and across the globe.  On this page, you can discover more about the world’s most popular Kabaddi league. We have also included predictions for who […]

November 7, 2023

A Brief History of eSports : From Pixels to Profits

eSports, or competitive video gaming, has rapidly evolved from a niche hobby into a global phenomenon. With the rise of this industry came a parallel growth in eSports betting, where enthusiasts could put their money where their passion was. Let’s take a journey through time to understand how eSports betting has emerged and developed into […]

December 28, 2022

Betting apps are the future of online betting!

When it comes to online betting, it’s obvious that betting apps are quickly gaining momentum. Increasingly, Indian punters are choosing to bet online through a mobile app rather than through websites.  In this article, the user will find details about the best betting apps in India. Here, one can find information about which sports betting […]