May 22, 2023

Why do you need a video chat SDK?

Why do you need a video chat SDK

A video chat API is a set of tools that helps developers build an app more quickly. These APIs come with out-of-the-box functionality and save engineers the time, effort, and cost of developing the chat solution in-house.

Embedding real-time messaging, voice, and video calling in mobile applications is crucial for a seamless networking experience. Choosing an efficient video call API ensures global performance and scalability.


The best video chat APIs and SDKs are fully customizable, allowing you to integrate them with your website according to your budget and business requirements. Using these tools, you can build one-of-a-kind video experiences and deliver exceptional voice/video quality to your end-users, regardless of their device or network. Some video calling tools provide customized player UIs that you can modify to match your brand colors, look and feel and features that users want to see in their digital experience. You can also embed analytics tracking code in your player UI to gain valuable insights about how your viewers consume video content.

The best video chat APIs have many benefits for businesses and end users. These include scalability, accessibility, and security. A good video chat SDK has security standards, E2E encryption, and SSO capabilities. Some even offer cloud-based storage and hosting to ensure a seamless experience for users. 


A top video chat API can be a cost-efficient tool for businesses that need to boost productivity. It can help reduce expenses on travel for client or investor meetings and save costs on insurance and infrastructure, among other things. Moreover, it can make the hiring process faster and more effective for both recruiters and interviewees, reducing time-to-market and overall operational costs.

Using video chat SDKs for internal communications is also cost-effective, which can reduce the time and energy required to communicate with coworkers or team members over phone calls or email. It can also help improve employee engagement, resulting in better efficiency, a lower turnover rate, and a more productive workplace.

API can significantly cut travel expenses for the presenters and participants using an efficient video call. In addition, it can reduce the cost of acquiring hardware for live-streaming events, such as cameras and microphones. Video conferencing APIs are also helpful for businesses holding virtual events such as webinars, training sessions, and presentations.

A good video chat API provides a range of features, such as screen sharing and a mute button, to prevent background noise. It should also be easy to integrate into any app and offer flexible deployment options. Some providers even offer customizable features to match your specific needs. 

Boosts Business Productivity

With a well-structured video chat API and SDK, app developers can focus on building an efficient application and avoid any bugs or lags that may hamper the business’s productivity. These APIs also take care of cross-platform issues. Choosing the right one is crucial, as this will ensure your app works across platforms and devices without glitches.

In addition to allowing businesses to boost their internal and external communications, a video chat API can also increase customer engagement. It will help reduce operational costs, improve lead-to-conversion ratios, and accelerate sales. It can also help decrease travel expenses by replacing face-to-face meetings with video calls.

Video chat applications have become extremely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic as they allow people to stay in touch with family members and friends, even if they are miles away from each other. It has increased the demand for video calling SDKs as it is cost-effective, convenient, and increases productivity.

Video calling is now a standard feature in many apps, from dating to videoconferencing. It is because it provides users with a much more engaging experience than text messaging or phone calls. Moreover, it can communicate with clients in real time and promote products or services. Video call software development kits (SDKs) offer a range of features, functionalities, visual editors, and other tools that allow developers to create user-friendly, high-quality video calls on any platform. They are easy to integrate into web, mobile, and native apps.

Easy to Integrate

A video chat API is easy to integrate into your app because the framework and structure have been built already. It speeds up the app development process and lets your team focus on other aspects of the project without getting bogged down by chat functionality.

Video chat APIs and SDKs often come with ML or AI capabilities, making it easier for companies to power their processes without hiring or training skilled machine learning designers and engineers. It can save your company a lot of money and ensure that vital resources are kept from the projects that matter most.

Using a video chat API or SDK can also help you save on travel expenses when meeting with clients or investors in the same city or globally. It can be significant savings for your business, and it also helps cut down expenditure on insurance and infrastructure costs.

In addition to speeding up the app development process and saving resources, video chat APIs can provide additional features that add value to your app. These include one-to-one and group video calls, custom virtual backgrounds, moderator controls, high-quality audio, recording capabilities, and more. Moreover, the best video chat APIs offer cross-platform compatibility and scalable infrastructure to scale up or down as traffic increases.


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