December 11, 2019

Flats for rent in Noida

Noida is one of the hot sport for micro residential property markets. This city in Uttar Pradesh experiences high demand and supply of residential properties and the cost of an average property in this area is anywhere between Rs. 4100 and Rs. 7180 per square feet. Noida has a number of residential properties in a unique mix. Some of the property types available here are

  • Apartments and flats
  • Independent houses
  • Luxurious Villas
  • Row houses
  • Under construction projects etc.

Real estate in Noida:

NOIDA is the short form of the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. This is a well-planned city and is also referred to as the Satellite city of Delhi. The city has some of the best industrial settlements in the country and it is also the IT hub of India. Noida is also a populated city with a large number of people migrating here in search of jobs from all states of India.

To meet the housing needs of the Citizens, the city development authority has been planning a number of housing projects, predominantly flats in Noida. Apartments are by far the best ways to meet the housing needs of a large number of people within a small space. Some of the major employment hubs in Noida are the Sectors 62, NSEZ and the Greater expressway Noida. These regions are also the places where the real estate market of the city flourishes.

These housing projects are well connected with the nearby localities and regions through excellent roads. There are also comfort amenities such as schools, malls, hospitals, markets and restaurants in these housing zones. These housing projects comprises of an excellent mix of both completed and under-construction projects. But micro homes are gaining tremendous popularity in Noida owing to space constraints and soaring real estate costs in the city.

Micro homes in Noida:

Noida is one of the busiest cities in the country, it is a major industrial hub in India. The geographical boundaries of the cities are expanding continuously and its population is also growing continuously. Thus, the small-sized homes are in demand throughout the city. The real estate giants in the state are taking advantage of these micro homes and are predominantly investing in these micro homes.

With rising rents that are becoming expensive in an industrial city like Noida, home buyers are opting to buy homes within their budget, though they are smaller in size. A micro-home is one that is small in size, easy to maintain and is cost-effective. It has helped people to realize their own home dreams in costly states like Noida and Delhi.

The real estate segment of the state has witnessed an extensive demand from professionals who look for apartments constantly either for investment or residential purposes. Micro flats in Noida are a game-changer for the real estate industry in Noida. A number of corporate builders and real estate developers are foraying into the segment, rendering a tremendous boost to the sector.

Flats for rent in Noida:

The metro city of Noida is expanding constantly to match the demands of its increasing population. Correspondingly the establishment of social and civic infrastructure also matches the rising housing needs of the country. But a major portion of the city prefer to stay at the heart of the city and they also commute to Delhi every day to complete their work hassles. Staying in the heart of the city also offers them the best connectivity, access to social and cultural amenities and proximity to school and office. The city has a number of flats for rent as well, which is also preferred by a number of contemporary families settling in the city.

A number of bachelors and nuclear families in the city opt for micro-homes in Noida. As the requirement of nuclear families is also less in the country, the majority of them opt for micro homes, as the rent and budget of these houses are also pretty comfortable. Apart from working singles and nuclear families, old and retired couples also opt for studio apartments and micro-homes as it incurs fewer maintenance costs.

When it comes to apartments and flats, there is no short of amenities. Such amenities will not be available with any form of an independent house in any city. Modern-day people look for a number of amenities such as games area, clubhouse, swimming pools, jogging tracks, play area for children, etc. All of these amenities are available for those who take flats for rent in Noida. As the Luxury studio apartments help with the maximum utilization of the available space, they are rendering the best comfort and design acumen.

High-quality compact units do not compromise on the facilities and render the best lifestyle centric services and excellent connectivity. These boutique flats in Noida render the best appeal owing to their location, feasibility, and comfort.

Where to find luxury apartments in Noida?

Buying an independent house in Noida is next to reality, owing to the extremely high real estate cost in the city. So, the best way to realize your own house dreams of a working professional is to opt for flats in Noida. And one can find the best flats, in the most happening locations in Noida at

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Flats are available at from 1RK space-variant to 1BHK, 2BHK, and up to 3+ BHK apartments. has listed about 22,190 total properties in Noida and is one of the best ways to search for high quality and affordable apartments in the city. There is absolutely no brokerage cost in between or any hidden cost while looking for an apartment for rent or for buying through

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