Be it for under graduation or for work, people from all parts of the state and the country comes to Chennai. It is one of the highly populated metropolitan cities. Chennai provides opportunities for everyone in walks of life. People get job opportunities in all sectors like hotel management, acting, engineering, manufacturing, etc. There are also people from other countries like Dubai and Nepal coming to Chennai to get a better education.

Although Chennai has a lot of people who are culturally and humanly varied,  andthe language barrier is one of the most prevalent problems experienced by individuals from other countries or countries. Other individuals are suffering as Tamil is the prevalent language spoken by localities. Although there are so many individuals who know Hindi or English, not everyone is always using the common language medium to interact with each other. So, it’s a bit hard for other language speakers to speak to each other and make friends during the original days.

Also, when people come out of our comfort zones (Home), move to another city, it is so very evident that people might all feel very homesick. Students or working people come from very far places which makes it difficult for them to visit their homes. In order to give them the feel and of living at home, there are many pg near Sholinganallur, Egmore, Velachery and other main areas of the city.

Unlike the hostel set up, the PG accommodations are home-like. There are so many apartments in Chennai that few people lease it out for PG. Most of the PG owners lease a good apartment in the centre of Chennai where there are more students or working crowd. The semi-furnished house with necessary utilities and rent it out for others. Not all PG’s provide us with food. Some of the PGs furnish the house completely including the kitchen focusing completely on people who want to cook their food.

Also, they provide other services like Dhobi, wi-fi facility, television, house cleaning, etc without paying extra rent. There are rooms and facilities available based on your budget. There are also air-conditioned rooms available. You can take the whole room for yourself if you are more of a privacy loving person. There are also rooms based on the number of people you are going to share with which starts with 2 sharing up to 5 sharing.

In addition, when it comes to searching for women’s PG accommodations, it is very essential to look at it in the safety aspect, particularly for working women. On a shift basis, many females go to job and return to the room late at night or early in the morning.The holders of PG also take care of this aspect. For instance, there are many pg in Sholinganallur for ladies where the pg owners employ a watchman for the safety of women.

So, if you are looking for a home-like atmosphere, it is always better to look for pgs rather than hostels. Happy staying!