August 6, 2019

Why implementing SEO is absolutely necessary for any business with an online presence

The importance of an online presence for businesses

In today’s world, if you are a business person or even an entrepreneur, it is essential that you have your own distinctive online presence. It is truly essential for survival in today’s digital era that you have your own website specifying your services, the multiple number of social media handles for interacting with your targeted audience and ensuring that their user experience is personalized to each of their individual needs. This should be very specific and distinguishable from each other.

Why Digital Marketing?

The ways and works of the marketing industry have truly changed for the better and the digital marketing industry is rapidly emerging as a technical giant which is providing massive openings for the upcoming generation. A banner or a hoarding for promotional purposes is a method of the olden days and in fact might soon become obsolete. More and more businesses- be it corporate or a business headed by an individual – are gradually opting for the modern and more advanced way of digital marketing which requires much less investment of resources whether it is monetary or with human efforts and maximizes the results produced. The best part is that digital marketing does this within the shortest time span possible and garners the highest number of responses possible from potential clients. You can be sure about the percentage of client conversions being relatively high because with the advent of the internet, everyone is more or less aware of what keywords they need to search for whether it’s through Google or others like Bing. Statistics say that Google is the most preferred search engine by users, a massive 75+ percent of users opting for this search engine.

What’s the hype with SEO?

More than 2 million searches are conducted on a daily basis on Google and other search engines containing the keyword “SEO”. What is SEO? Well, the full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which broadly refers to the process of optimizing the content displayed for the consumption of the audience who visit or land on your official website (showcasing your products/services, certification, testimonials from your past clients), blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Instagram Page and the list can continue!

When you search something on Google, usually you get whatever you have been looking for from the first 3-4 web pages displayed.  These search results can be shaped and put together in the shape of a diagonal. So, outside this diagonal, it is highly unlikely that the user will click on anything else that is displayed below. Quick reminder: There are millions of websites, blogs and online portals being published every day on WordPress, Wix and many more. There goes your chance of getting your website ranked and attracting more website traffic. Here is the catch-you can get your website ranked on Google with the requisite amount of efforts, a major part of which will be with the assistance of the tool called SEO. They will be natural, organic search results. You can enhance your online visibility, get more visits to your website and ultimately be able to successfully convert the visitors to customers. Your target is reached smoothly.

What methods and components is SEO comprised of?

Getting gradually familiar with SEO and other technical jargons associated with digital marketing is just the first step. So much more needs to be done.

By now you know SEO helps in boosting your online visibility in a major way. You can either pay Google a huge amount of money to get your website and services displayed, forcibly on top of the search results page in the form of Google Ads. Or, you can regularly optimize your content using on-page and off-page SEO and get results on a consistent basis.

What is the actual process of SEO comprised of? Let’s discuss this with respect to both on-page and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO needs to be done prior to off-page SEO. The reasons are obvious.  You need to work on the home page first and successively other linked pages on your website to be presentable with relevant content which is suitable for the user and gives them the desired information they seek. You can work on how your website looks-make sure that it is your best work, be it your theme, wallpaper, page title, or content in the form of services/product catalog testimonials and events. The HTML code written in the page source on your website can be modified as per what is needed. First and foremost, you need a relevant title for your web page which must be exclusive and unique to your website only, because you don’t want to face copyright infringement charges with any content of yours. The URL structure you choose is very important too.  It must be distinctive to your website. One very important thing most people overlook is the inclusion of the meta tags and the meta description in the webpage. Body tags like H1, H2 and so on are essential for differentiating between headings and their relevance.

Coming to off-page SEO, you can make optimum use of methods like blogging, social media handles and forums, and social bookmarking among others to promote your content effectively among your desired audience.

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