August 21, 2019

How mobile apps are getting smarter every day

With every passing day, the mobile application is continuously improving and the dose of artificial intelligence is just making it way smarter and better. Not just making apps smarter, AI is powering the evolution of more intuitive applications in the market in order to meet the needs of the people around. 

Because there is already a lot of competition in the app market and to stand apart in the market along with competing with the competitor, it is a must to bring AI in the application.

Not just the competition, customers are relying heavily on the mobile application as immediate solutions for task completion along with getting information handy. Hence, AI’s adaptability and the learning capability together allowing businesses to satisfy the requirements of the customers around. 

According to Statista, there are around 2.1 million android apps whereas Apple App Store is containing around 1.8 million apps. The numbers are enough to highlight the importance of applications in the market and among users. 

This is the reason, developers and mobile app development companies are experimenting with artificial intelligence in order to give the best user experience. Here are a few ways of the way AI will change the whole face of mobile app development.

Enhancing user experience

With the help of AI- integrated mobile application, it will become easier to extract user’s information regarding the usage of the mobile application. And the data from the behavioral patterns of the users which help mobile app developers to improve the app. 

Furthermore, the user experience can be improved with the help of AI chatbots for solving queries along with suggesting recommendations to the users. 

There is a notion attached to the application and that is apps fail due to bad ideas behind it. But this is not the actual reality, apps fail due to not able to attract users or retain them. Hence, AI is the best practice to monitor the user’s choices and market trends. 


Personalization is the most important aspect of mobile app development because users want unique experience based on their needs and requirements. And to help assist developers, AI makes this possible while boosting user engagement. 

Hence, it will not be wrong to say AI takes the user experience to the next level. Meanwhile, users who will be using AI will get recommendations as per their past behaviors and other related factors. 

Creative codes

With the help of AI, mobile developers can actually form creative code. Those developers who are able to understand how to leverage AI will be able to deploy better unique codes in a more adaptable setting. Meanwhile, it also helps in speeding up the whole mobile app development time by eliminating time-consuming and manual practices.


There is a misconception among the people that AI can replace the presence of human power. Thankfully, this is not the actual situation, in fact, AI is the best way to let human power make better decisions. 

Automated reasoning can be made to solve problems like determining the best routes based on all the existing data.

Image and voice recognition

 The combination of Artificial intelligence and machine learning is making users search not just by typing text but also through images and voice.

Most of the established businesses have started integrating voice recognition, image recognition along with app localization-related features in the mobile application in order to improve user experience as well as the conversion rate. 

Keeps business relevant

AI-enable mobile applications are going to become the helping hand of businesses by funneling data. As data is the most important thing to understand the usage of their mobile applications. With the help of AI-based application, it will become easier for businesses to understand how their users are using their application. And by collecting the overall data, it will become easier for them to understand what is required to be added and what is not, 

Apps that are built on AI structure will allow businesses to expand their services and products in the market. Though it requires a good amount of investment but the outcome will be worthier than the investment.

No matter, if you are using MVP,  agile, or any other mobile app development method you are using, AI is surely going to affect it. Not just the startups even the established businesses can sense the growth of  AI in today’s time. In short, the importance of building applications with AI is undisputed, so it is the right time to see how your current and future apps can be focused more on AI. 

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