August 21, 2019

Why Georgia Is a Haven For Tourists Belonging From All Ages?

The US state of Georgia is probably one of the most magnanimous places on planet earth that anyone could have the possibility of visiting. This is due to the fact that the place itself is filled with the countless amount of outdoor fun venues, landmarks, historical monuments, tantalizing restaurants, outstanding shopping malls, amusement parks, and recreations outlets that don’t even begin to define what is in store for tourist that visit the place.So let’s take a look at some of the best attractionsthat await this land of utmost fun and adventure with its scenic beauty abundant with its flora and fauna.

Ameris Bank Amphitheatre

Located in Alpharetta, this amphitheater offers you over 12,000 seating capacity for music and entertainment lovers of all kind. The hottest spot for the best performers in the country, it is surrounded by beautiful park-like scenery.

Anna Ruby Falls

Located at Unicoi State Park in White County near Helen city, they have majestic views for one to simply behold at sight. Plenty of parking available there along with paved walking trails, gift shops, and much more.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Stretching over 30 acres of land this botanical garden in Atlanta city was incorporated in 1976. Ever since then it has seemingly mesmerized everyone who walked past its lush green flowery bushes.

Blue Ridge Mountains

These underlings of the greater Appalachian Mountains range are breathtaking to behold and are noted to have a bluish color when seen from afar. Attractions include zip lines, parkway rides, hiking trails, white water rafting, and cabin rentals.

Consolidated Gold Mine

A tourist attraction in Dahlonega, that offers you guided tours. Go on and experience a real treasure hunt at this place panning for gold and sifting for gems with your loved ones to create an unforgettable memory.

Georgia Aquarium

The world’s biggest aquarium from 2005 till 2012 which houses over 100,000 animals and several thousand species, Georgia Aquarium is located in Atlanta city and has over 10 million gallons of water.

Masters Tournament

One of the four major professional golf championships and first major tournament of the year is the Masters Tournament. The course is laid out at Augusta National Golf Club every year with the event usually taking place during April.

Stone Mountain Park

Another major attraction located in Atlanta, with fireworks going off every night as well as laser night shows and much more. This natural wonder is abundant with family fun stretching over 3,200 acres of land.

Telfair Museums

Located in the Savannah city, it was amongst the first public art museums of the Southern United States. It comprises of beautifully built sites filled with tons of exquisite arts, exhibits, and stories for all ages.

Tybee Island Beach

Located near Savannah, a clean beach but dangerous for its notorious riptides. The place easily gets crowded as it is a favorite amongst tourist, several restaurants and other amenities are also available at the place.

Wild Adventures Theme Park

A zoological park located 5 miles south of Valdosta, owned by the Herschend Family Entertainment Company. Top features include 8 roller coasters, Splash Island Waterpark, musical concerts, and much more.

World of Coca Cola

Established in 1990, this 20-acre big marvel of a construct is a museum dedicated to the Coca-Cola Company. There are numerous exhibits to see and over 100+ drinks to taste to make you go absolutely bonkers at the place.

While the limitations of space and time don’t allow us to offer a mention to all the amazing and bedazzling monuments and venues there are to visit in this great state, we hope this post was able to offer you all the right enticements to plan your next vacation trip with the family to this vibrant US state. The best time to visit Georgia is during May, June, or September as this will allow you to escape the summer heat as well as the freezing winters. However, if you plan to permanently settle down at the place then there are several real estate agents in Georgia that would be happy to receive a call from you as well as offer you a great bargain for your next home. For any further questions and queries regarding the topic please feel free to let us know of your feedback in the comment section below.

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