August 21, 2019

Why Meridian Idaho is A Pleasant City Worthy of Your Visit This Year?

Located in the Ada County of the state of Idaho, Meridian has a population of 106,000+ people and is considered as one of the fastest-growing cities within the United States. Established since 1891, the city occupies a total area of 29.79 square miles. By 1902 it quickly gained a lot of farming land that was transformed from arid regions with the help of the Settlers’ Irrigation Ditch. It gained further economic prominence during the 20th century when railroads where being built and the Union Pacific Railroad spur was opened in 1900 which is still used to this day and managed by Boise Valley Railroad. Let us offer you some great reasons through this post as to why this once small village which has become a thriving city in no time deserves a visit by you and your family this year:

Initial Point Gallery

Maintained and regulated by the Meridian Arts Commission, the Initial Point Gallery is situated on the 3rd floor of Meridian City Hall. The gallery offers you elegant art displays, fully carpeted, featuring exhibitions from local and regional artists as well as works by national and internationally acclaimed geniuses. The gallery’s entrance is absolutely free and open to the general public. Visitors are allowed to come and go as they please from Monday through Friday from 8am in the morning to 5pm in the evening.

Linder Farms

Family owned and run;these farms offer you a family-friendly event every fall. They are the host every year for their famous Treasure Valley’s official Boise State Bronco corn maze. It is verily an urban farm for you and your family to visit as it offers an experience, we bet you never had before!

Meridian Speedway

If you are an adrenaline junkie and have a love for motorsports then the Meridian Speedway is the ideal spot for you to fill up your senses with all that asphalt it has to offer. Every weekend they organize automobile racing events, a nice comfy stadium with seating is available along with standard concessions. Accommodations are available for audiences of all ages ranging from kids to adults. The place features a quarter-mile asphalt track for auto racing, open every Saturday night from 4:45 pm onwards.

Roaring Springs Waterpark

One of the best family outlets that await you at this pleasant city, is the Roaring Springs Waterpark that features amusement rides, lazy river rafting, tons of waterslides, a wave pool, and an abundance of food and drinks options to go with. The place is well known to be the largest waterpark in the Northwest. Additional amenities for you to enjoy here include bowl slide, Corkscrew Cavern 360-degree looping waterslide, float-river, kiddie play area, tube slides, and much more.

The Village at Meridian

Considered as one of the most successful commercial projects ever developed in the state of Idaho, The Village at Meridian offers you an eclectic entertainment and shopping experience. There are nearly 100 dining, entertainment, and shopping venues for you to explore at the venue. It is revered as one of the most vibrant outdoor fun areas of the city. Plus, there is a first-class lifestyle shopping center that awaits you. The Village at the Meridian is definitely one spectacle that you simply do not want to miss out on and is definitely designed and constructed to act as the new ‘center-of-gravity’ for citizens and visitors alike.

Wahooz Family Fun Zone

When it comes to outrageous space that is filled with countless opportunities to get never-ending fun and entertainment for your families and friends, nothing tops Wahooz Family Fun Zone. This family-oriented entertainment and the outdoor fun center offers you facilities like amusement rides, 100+ arcade games, bowling alleys, go-karts, mini-golf, wall climbing, and tons of food and drinks to go about.

The best time to visit Meridian, Idaho is from April 30th to July 1st and August 20th to September 30th in order to enjoy ideal weather conditions for your family and loved ones. However, if you are looking to settle down at this great progressive city then there are several Meridian Idaho homes for sale that you will find as quite a bargain. For any further questions and queries regarding this post, please feel free to share with us your feedback in the comment section below.

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