December 19, 2019

How to search best and Affordable flats in Bangalore?

Ever since I was born and brought up in the city of joy, Kolkata, I have always dreamt of traveling all around the country and the world because there is so much to know and learn about places, cities, countries, culture and most importantly the people. I am pretty extrovert and being around and knowing people and culture has been one of my strongest desires.

While I was in my school and college days in Kolkata, many of my friends and relatives were already either well-settled or trying to adjust in Bangalore city. As there are lots of better job opportunities in a city like Bangalore, people normally tend to shift to such a city for the sake of better career prospects. When I graduated from one of the most reputed engineering colleges in Kolkata and was waiting for a campus drive, I always felt the desire to start my professional career in Bangalore. Probably, the reason for such a wish is that most of my friends and relatives were already there in Bangalore, and so I will be very much at ease to shift to a place where I will have my pals around. Besides, there is something very charming about this city. Be it the vibrant crowd, the skyscrapers, or the hustling busy city-life, once you start living in Bangalore, you start falling for it.

At that point, I felt that besides the city of joy, I will be extremely comfortable in Bangalore. Fortunately, during my campus drive, I got an opportunity to work with a company that recruited me for the location Bangalore. I was thrilled to have my dream come true. Bidding goodbye to my family in Kolkata, I shifted to Bangalore with so much hope, happiness and objectives in Life. What attracted me immediately were:

  • The pleasant climate
  • Top-notch infrastructure
  • The seamless connectivity
  • Being the realty hotspot

Initially, when I came here in Bangalore, I stayed at my aunt’s place in Koramangala which is believed to be the heart of the city. It is quite near to the IT hub of Bangalore where most of the IT companies are based. Everything was happening smoothly as I had planned for myself, but soon after, I realized that the reality of Bangalore was way different than what I had imagined. Yes, I am talking about owning space for you in the city. As per my plan, while I was staying at my aunt’s place I wanted to arrange a separate and private space for myself meanwhile. Moreover, my workplace is a bit far away from my aunt’s place and commuting was becoming a problem. But, I was quite shocked to realize that finding a house or flat for sale in Bangalore is not a cakewalk.

Then one day my elder brother who also lives in Bangalore with his family suggested me to visit the website for finding the best flats or houses for sale in Bangalore.

On visiting the website, it provided a list of some of the most affordable flats for sale in Bangalore, along with all other updated and detailed information such as


  • The Exact locations
  • Landmarks
  • Exact built-up area
  • Average price per square foot
  • Amenities around the complex
  • Developer name and details
  • Housing agent and details
  • Possession date
  • Expected EMI amount if one takes a loan of the property amount.

Previously my brother had looked for residential properties online through other websites but nothing solved his purpose as most of the properties were into some other kinds of troubles. But one day on his colleague’s suggestion, he thought of giving it another try. He logged into the website with not much expectation, he realized that this is it! This website is the one he was looking for a long time and finally, all his queries were getting answered. With the help of, he searched for the ideal property with all updated information at just a finger-click.

The website provided me with an enormous amount of detailed information about every property in Bangalore that is posted on their websites.

  • What drew my attention was that the website had all required filters for searching properties which were RERA (Real Estate regulatory Act 2016) compliant. This is a guarantee that if the property is RERA compliant then there can be no chance of any fraud or scam regarding the property.
  • You can find filters like the number of BHK’s or even 1RK (Room Kitchen) on the website.
  • One can set the price range for my property and also can check whether the property was a new project or is a resale property in Bangalore.
  • There were various filters regarding the type of flat were available like whether it is an Apartment, Independent House, Independent Floor, Plot, Studio, Duplex, Penthouse or Villa.
  • Options like whether the property is ready to move or under construction are also available.
  • Options like ‘listed by’ owner, developer or agent were very useful.
  • Also, the direction that the property faces could be set as filters on the website.

To look for affordable and choice-able houses for sale in Bangalore through one has to just follow the following simple steps:

  • Firstly, you have to visit the official website of for looking for houses for sale in Bangalore or flats for sale in Bangalore.Your search will vary as per your preference.
  • After reaching the home page the website requires you to sign up to create an account on the website. You can sign up through Google accounts or any other email account
  • Then the website asks you whether you are a bachelor or family person. You need to select your preference and then the website shows you flats or houses according to your preferences whether bachelors or family. This was a unique feature of the website.
  • The website also recommends you with places which are good for commutation or has a great nightlife, or owner flats i.e. places with no brokerage fees.
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