August 21, 2019

Our super favorite free SEO tools of 2019!

Every website nowadays is strategizing their Search Engine Optimization techniques in order to achieve higher spots on Google search results. It is surely helping them in finding new avenues to expand their reach in a meaningful way. Essentially speaking, Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing effort that almost every website is engaged with in order to improve its organic ranking. Who doesn’t want free traffic rushing towards their site? Yeah! Right, no one.

People have several misconceptions about Search Engine Optimization. They don’t realize SEO is the combination of several marketing tactics. All these techniques combined push the site towards higher rankings on SERPs. We often get clients asking us to help them improve the SEO of their site while migrating sites or starting a new one. The problem is, if you want to optimize the site at this point you got a little late for the party. If you haven’t been monitoring your site, then you were bound to make mistakes. And also probably have let opportunities fall through the cracks.

This is why we have compiled a list of our super favorite, amazing, and above all free SEO tools. We have gathered tools for four important SEO categories. They will help you in identifying the issues and resolve them ASAP.

The four categories are as follows:

  • Ongoing monitoring
  • On-page Optimization
  • Technical Auditing
  • Authority and Link building


Ø  Ongoing Monitoring:

Even without a dedicated team of SEO, you still need to be on top of the game. A checkup every now and then can give you a fair idea of your pages’ rankings. Here are the best free tools you can use for this purpose.

  • Google Analytics:

If you’re reading this article I Assume you’re familiar with Google Analytics. And have seen it at least. I can’t emphasize the importance of this toolenough. Every site gets their analytics account settled on the first priority.

Google Analytics provides you with aggregated, historical, and other collected data on your website. Other tools rely on data samples which only provide estimates. We all know for a fact, estimates are not enough to ensure success. Samples and estimates can never tell you how your website is doing. Google Analytics Lets you analyze the real-time data and collected data to view the performance in forms of reports.

Constant monitoring also requires constant internet connection that keeps you connected to your tools. And when we talk about a reliable connection then you can get spectrum internet that has my has my faith. Their internet plans are amazing and must be availed.


  • Google Search Console:

Another Google tool “Google Search Console” can help you view, how your site appears to the searchers. It also provides you with suggestions on how you can influence other appearance elements.

You can pull data on your top search queries, pages, countries, devices from the past 90 days through Google search console.


  • Bing Webmaster tools:

Bing is one of the major search engines and houses20% of internet search traffic. In order to keep tabs on your site’s working,Bing’s crawlers, indexes, optimization and other elements this overlooked tool can be of great help.

Ø  On-Page Optimization:

The main purpose of on-page optimization is to select phrases that can correlate with the questions of the targeted audience. Incorporating these phrases into your site,in a bid to prove user relevance to the search engine, plays a great role in establishing credibility. The following tools can be used for on-page optimization.

  • Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider Tool:

The SEO spider tool is a great web crawler and can find critical data on every URL. It can crawl up to 500 pages with the free version. It will tell you things like which pages have similar or duplicated title tags. And will also let you know which important tags can attract search engine bots.


  • Google Trends:

Like in chess, guessing the future lets you create a strategy of your own, the same way guessing what is trending in the world nowadays can help you optimize your site. Google Trends lends you a helping hand in this regard. And keeps you posted about the trending topics in about almost every field of wider interest. Also,this tool lets you compare different topics.

You can therefore always find yourself interesting topics according to the current trends.


  • Google Keyword Planner:

Just provide it with a seed and it will fetch you all the keyword suggestions along with the estimated average monthly searches. The tool also provides relevant keyword searches to broaden the scope.

Technical Auditing:

Technical auditing is important to identify the problems which are not letting your website rank better. Even when things are going smoothly you can encounter turbulence which can have anadverse effect on the performance of the site. It is always a good practice to keep a check on the technical aspect of your site every now and then.

  • GTMetrix:

Website’s speed has a direct effect on the SEO of the site.GTMetrix can help you big time in examining the site’s speed. The best thing about this tool is it pinpoints the areas requiring improvement and gives you a fair idea of how to improve the site’s performance. You can also compare the site’s performance against your competitors’ to have an in-depth analysis.


  • BuiltWith:

BuiltWith does exactly what you think it might do. It is basically a website profiler and tells you which technology was used to build a particular site. The tool allows you to explore a site and lets you know which CMS is used to build that site, what analytics have been implemented and many more such things. You can also avail the chrome extension of the tool for a quick check every now and then.

Authority and backlinking:

The domain authority of the site depends on various factors and the major one among those is backlinking. Authority depicts the credibility of the site. Moz has created this ranking parameter called domain authority.Following tools can be used to determine the quality of backlinks and authority.

  • Moz Open Site Explorer/ Moz Bar:

This is a backlink analysis tool which contains metrics that approximate the link quality. The tool can let you compare your domain authority with your competitors and can get you the number of external links to your site.

Moz Bar is a browser toolbar that lets you quickly analyze Moz’s key features for the page you’re visiting.


  • Xenu’s Link Sleuth:

Xenu’s is an old tool. But it has gained massive attention this year. It is a simple internal link checking tool which assists with finding broken links etc. on your website. The domain authority of a site is dependent on all the pages a website is comprised of. So keeping the site all set requires special attention towards the internal links.

I hope the article has been of effective assistance to you in finding the suitable tools for different domains of SEO. Do leave your feedback in the comment section.

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