August 21, 2019

Top 10 professions everyone should be looking in 2019

With the increase in population, there is an ever-increasing demand for a different type of jobs and employment. One of the main professions that are in high demand is the health care professions. It is difficult to chalk out the top careers that one should be looking for because there are so many fields and departments involved in it. Also, certain criteria are required for choosing the top career options! Salary is not the only criteria that you should look into. Some of the other criteria include- your present qualifications, availability of the jobs, education required for getting into a profession, and working conditions. Based on all these criteria’s, we can sum up the top ten professions of 2019. A professional career is one in which you need to have a high level of education.

Top 10 professions of 2019 which is in high demand:

If you are looking for jobs, then the first thing that you need to know is whether the employer has a vacancy for you or not. If yes, then you can negotiate the salary with him. Below mentioned are some of the jobs which will have a significant impact on the next five years. Visit Business Module Hub blog section for other relevant information on careers.

  • Physicians and Surgeons– With the growth of population, the demand for doctors and physicians are increasing day by day. The career in this profession will need job seeker to have advanced education. The candidate needs to complete four years of under graduation i.e., four years of medical school. A physician or the surgeon has to take responsibilities of the patients, and it is not at all an easy task. You might need to visit a patient during emergencies which can arise at any time of the day or night. You can choose this profession only if you can stay committed to it.
  • Information Technology Managers– There is enormous scope in IT sector, and they have been given different titles: computer information managers, computer system managers, and there are certain managerial positions. The responsibilities include staff management, research, and executing technical planned solutions. The various job duties include – recruitment, training employees, direct technological research, maintain quality service, reviewing professional publications, identification of problems, securing growth for opportunities, etc. The candidate needs to have a Bachelor’s degree to seek a job in the IT sector. Some of the high profile jobs include IT Analyst, IT Consultant, etc.
  • Dentists and Orthodontists– In order to seek a job in dentistry, the candidate needs to complete four years in dental science after completing a Bachelor’s degree. The main task of a dentist is to check the oral health of the patients and prevention of disease, teeth removal, Invisalign, creation of treatment plans to maintain the oral health, perform x-rays and diagnostic tests, and the other related services.
  • Application Software Developer– With the increase in technology and android mobile phones, people are demanding for more applications to make things easier. Nowadays, there are apps for food delivery, restaurants, hotels, and what not! The need for these kinds of professionals is on the rise, and the candidates who wish to seek a position as a software developer needs to have a minimum of Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Some of the reputable job position under this category includes- NET developer, Java Programmer, Business Analyst, Software Analyst, Beta Tester, Computer Architect, Business Systems Analyst, Database Developer, Software Designer, Software QA Tester, Database technician, Software writer.

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  • Registered Nurse– The jobs related to this field is very much in demand because of the growing infrastructure. The job of a nurse is nearly the same as that of a doctor. This is one of the best job opportunities for female medical students. A registered nurse needs to have a license, and for that, the candidate needs to have a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. Candidates who have done diploma courses or Associate degree from a recognized institution shall also be eligible for this post. The primary responsibility of a nurse is to help out the sick and the diseased, serve as a helping hand to the doctors during surgeries, checkups, and operations, and also to provide mental and emotional support to the patients.
  • Construction Laborer– If you like challenging works, then this job is for you. Most of the contractors report that 80% of the laborers are not at all skilled. Hence, there is a good number of vacancies in this post because of the shortage of laborers in the construction industry. In the coming few years, there will be a sharp rise in the salary scale (12% hike in salary) in this industry. Though the profession includes a lot of hazards and risks, but the employers are given full training, and the workplaces are being made safer to ensure the safety of the workers. No formal education is needed to be a construction laborer.
  • Medical Laboratory Technician– The profession of Lab technologist is very much in demand because the hospital industry has to cater to the different needs of the patients. Various tests have to be performed to find out the internal problems of a patient. Therefore, this medical post is high in demand and the aspirants can seek a good position in any of the jobs like- Radiology technician, CT scan technicians, MRI technicians, Pathology technician, Dental machine technician, Renal Dialysis Technician, X-Ray technicians, Physiotherapy technicians and much more. Most of the technicians can seek a job in pathologies, labs, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and urologist office. A medical lab specialist usually has stable careers and a good income. The experts get the scopes of learning new things every day.
  • Lawyers- The lawyers are in high demand for they provide legal advice for any kind of cases- civil and criminal cases. They are in charge of providing legal advice, produce legal documents, and produce them in the court. To be a lawyer, one needs to have a law degree from any of the reputed law schools and need to pass the judicial exam in order to be a judge. There are also dignified posts as legal counselor, law head, law officer, Legal Services Director, Case Manager, Law Firm Administrator, Clerk, Legal secretary, legal records manager, Document coder, Court representative, Court Reporter, Court Advocate, Contract Administrator, Contract Analyst, Software Consultant and many other dignified posts.
  • Military- This profession is of utmost prestige and reputation, and every country needs an army to protect the country. A military professional puts his life at stake for everyone else. All the posts and the ranks are equally prestigious, and if you wish to be on the military force, there are certainly legal, age, height, weight, academic and citizenship qualifications that you need to meet at first.
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Promotional Managers- Despite the fact that employment in the paper industry is declining, supervisors are as yet expected to direct marketing, publicizing and promotions, particularly given the wide assortment of media accessible. Organizations have to promote their brand and products via promotions and publicizing to arrive at their intended interest groups. One needs to have a bachelor degree with coursework in management, advertising, journalism statistics, marketing; business law is worthwhile to opt this as your career option.

These are some of the essential professions which are in high demand and the statistics reveal that some of the jobs will have a great increase in salary in the coming five years.

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