August 5, 2022

5 Biggest & Best Cloud Providers In Australia

5 Biggest & Best Cloud Providers In Australia

If your organisation is based in Australia and you’re in the process of planning a cloud migration, you will find a number of capable service providers that can help you. These range from massive, hyperscale cloud providers to small independent companies that offer packages based on well-established platforms. Most organisations choose one of the bigger service providers as they offer a more robust set of services and resources. In this article, we will be focusing on these larger Australian cloud providers and what they have to offer.

The 5 biggest and best cloud providers in Australia

If you want to maximise your chances of a trouble-free, efficient migration process, you will probably want to base your plans on the services offered by one of the following cloud providers:

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is by far the largest cloud provider in Australia, accounting for over 30% of the market. With hundreds of cloud services and dozens of state-of-the-art data centres spread across the globe, AWS is able to provide enterprise-ready cloud solutions of the highest quality. Whatever your goals, you should definitely consider AWS when planning a cloud migration in Australia.

  1. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s cloud platform enjoys more than 25% market share by revenue in Australia, making it the second most popular cloud provider in this part of the world. Azure also includes hundreds of cloud services, and, when integrated with Office and Dynamics 365, it can form a very solid foundation for your cloud infrastructure. Microsoft has a wide network across the world so availability and performance will not be an issue if you choose this service provider.

  1. Google Cloud

With a market share by revenue of around 12%, Google Cloud is a very capable cloud platform that can meet the needs of the most demanding commercial and government organisations in Australia. The Google Cloud ecosystem includes all the compute, data storage, networking and operations services you would expect from a major player in the industry.

  1. Alibaba Cloud

The cloud offering from China’s tech giant includes a highly integrated suite of services and tools that are geared towards the needs of commercial users. The Alibaba network is not as large as those offered by the biggest service providers but with data centres in Darwin and Adelaide, among others, they are able to provide high-quality cloud solutions to Australian organisations.

  1. IBM Cloud

IBM, in common with Alibaba, accounts for less than 5% of the cloud market in Australia, making it a much less popular option than the big three service providers. Nevertheless, their full-stack cloud platform offers more than 170 services, including data, AI, IoT and blockchain, making them a serious contender.

Whichever of these 5 cloud platforms you choose, you can look forward to a full range of services that will meet the needs of even the largest of organisations in Australia.

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