September 15, 2019

ITIL Certification Path to Success

ITIL stands for information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL gives business a strategy, plan procedure, how to deliver value and maintain competitive environment. ITIL is not specified to organization or technology but can be applied on both. It can be used to measure the performance of an individual. ITIL is till date the most used IT services in the world. It steer the organization to leads its vision. It help business to be efficient, flourish and transform. ITIL is owned by AXELOS which is a joint venture between HM cabinet Office and Capita Plc. ITIL service Life cycle consist of five element; service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement.

Service Strategy:

Service strategy is a guidance for top management for organization governance, diversification (culture) aspect in terms of organization’s transformation and evaluation of individual performances.

Service design:

Service design includes all sort of changes and improvement that they required to maintain the level of services within an organization and deliver customer their best services. When the prudential regulation and standard are revised than changes in organization are required.

Services transition:

After completion of all development activities now it’s time for implementation. This is a stage where all services are brought together, to be evaluate and test together. If an accurate and proper amount of time is given to this stage of life cycle than there will be not much hurdle in delivery of service state.

Services Operations:

Operation team are responsible for this stage, for the support of stable and organized services they ensure end to end practises of services that are provide to customer. Operational team have a service desk, its purpose is to take request from customer for their fulfilment and take feedback for their satisfaction.

Continual Services Improvement:

Continual services improvement is linked with all the above four stages of service life cycle. To measure, maintain and evaluate the level of services, And to fulfil all the improvisation, opportunity and change it requires to maintain the services.

Key performance indicators are used to measure the IT department performances and evaluate of any changes are required or not.

ITIL Certifications

ITIL offers many certification on the basis of individual’s experiences.

  • Certifications for neophytes.i.e. ITIL Foundation
  • Intermediate certification : this certification consist of four to five certifications
  • ITIL Expert Certification

ITIL certifications benefits a person into better pay and promotion opportunity, increased demand of individual, better career opportunity and Global implementation.Five levels of ITIL certifications are as follows;

  • Level one: ITIL FOUNDATION
  • Level three: ITIL INTERMEDIATE
  • Level four : ITIL EXPERT
  • Level five: ITIL MASTER



This stage is for neophyte, this stage can help them to gain general knowledge regarding ITIL. This level can build the base of a beginner regarding ITIL. A beginner will be accustomed with the understanding of ITIL and how it work, and through this how service level is maintain. It is recommended to take ITIL Foundation training prior to sitting in the exam.


This level is covered by two major things; Service lifecycle and Service capability. This level emphasises on how they apply ITIL framework on daily basis life cycle of business world. To make the thought process of one individual more clear and understandable regarding ITIL.


This stage of certification is divided into different services of module. It is more advance level than the hitherto levels, these modules are classified as life cycle of services; service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation, continual service improvement.

Level four: ITIL EXPERT

This level of certification is all about practice and practice, it required substantial amount of knowledge to stand in this stage. Practice and knowledge needs a high level approach in this stage of certification.

Level five:  ITIL MASTER

Master level is ahead of being expert in ITIL, it includes inclusive knowledge regarding ITIL. If you are master in ITIL you will get a prestigious position in your field with a handsome amount of salary, only one thing you have to do is complete this certification.

If an individual successfully achieve any of this certification or all the preceding certification they will be consider as of a great resource to any organization. It will not only enhance the skills but will also make them more capable of achieving their goals regarding any field they are working in, which will boost up their confidence also.

In this era where everything revolves around technology, imagine getting a certification in IT would make your resume to another level, it will not only effect your curriculum vitae but it will also enhance your skills. And this certification will not only make you better in your field but it will also benefit the organization that you are working in, it will make you a great resource for that organization. As IT nowadays is consider as one of the eminent fields, so if you have certification in it you can easily get your urge salary.

Axelos is always shaping and structuring ITIL for making it more efficient and feasible for organizations to work on, ITIL certification is not only a course to make to resume colourful but it is actually an investment for making your future safe and secure. According to the recent trends the demand of ITIL certified is ever growing. In a workspace ITIL certified individual preference regarding any sort of decision making are considerable even the HR recruiters take feedbacks from them. In short ITIL certified are consider as epitome of excellence.

If an individual is thinking of pursuing IT as their career, ITIL certification training is best option to enhance their skill and boosting up their confidence to excel in this field. An individual aim should be getting substantial amount of knowledge, great salary package should be secondary thing to be consider first thing on mind should be the plethora of learning and knowledge that you will be getting from this ITIL certification. And those organization that prefer IT staff to be ITIL certify are mostly having competent environment in their organization.

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