Cloud computing – Basic concepts

Today we are going to talk about cloud computing and we will let you know about all its basic concepts as well.  So what is cloud computing?

What is cloud computing?

To put in simple words Cloud Computing is basically the delivery of computing services over the internet which is also called the cloud. These services can range from software, intelligence, networking, databases, storage and server over the internet which is called the cloud.

By utilising these services users can save a lot of time. On site IT services are good as well but on-site IT manual services can take up time. On the other hand when users and business take help from Cloud Computing services then a lot of time can be saved

These cloud services can be of great help if you are having an issue with your PC and these services have the capability to make your system more efficient and functioning. Mostly when you use the cloud services, you pay for it.

What are the key benefits of having cloud computing services?

Cloud Computing comes with many benefits and this amazing system has amazingly replaced the old traditional system of IT resources.

Below are some of the key benefits of having Cloud Computing services.

  • Cost – In case you don’t go for cloud computing then you will have to buy hardware, software and along with this, you will also have to go through the lengthy process of setting up the hardware and software. Not having Cloud Computing services mean that you will have to pay for electricity and the power as well. With the help of cloud computing, the cost of expenses can be reduced. Cloud computing can be a mentor for business becaue with the help of it business can thrive on low budget.
  • Global-scale – Cloud Computing has a global scale. This means that it doesn’t matter where you are you can always get the services at economical rates. This Globe scale has made the cloud computing services much more effective.
  • Speed – As far as the speed of cloud computing services is concerned then it is safe to say that the speed of these services is pretty fast. For instance, if you are running a business and you need a software then with the help of cloud computing the software can be delivered your system in an instance. Now you can have your desired software in seconds if you use cloud computing services.
  • Productivity- Cloud Computing offers more productivity. IT team usually go through a lot of software patching, racking and stacking when the work is on-site. On the other hand with the help of cloud computing, things get pretty easy. Life is much easier with the help of these services.
  • Performance – Cloud Computing services are available on a worldwide network of secure data centres. These data centres upgrade on a daily basis so as far as the performance of cloud computing is concerned then it is far better than the on-site manual IT services.
  • Security – Cloud Computing provides amazing security and this is why it is the best option to go to if you want the best services of cloud

Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be categorised into two sections and the services are of two types. Based on locations the cloud services can be public-private, hybrid and community cloud. On the other hand, based on the services the cloud services can be classified into

Infrastructure as a service  ( IaaS )

To be honest this Cloud Computing service is the basic category of cloud computing services. It is the best category for business owners because IaaS provides the businesses with storage spaces, servers, connections and many other things which align with business needs.  These are the best Cloud Computing services and you will only pay for the services which you use. IaaS can help you avoid the expenses of buying and managing the physical servers and data centre Infrastructures.

Platform as a service ( PaaS)

For all those who don’t have much budget with them but who want to initiate their applications, this particular Cloud Computing service can be best for all such people. This cloud helps you to initiate your application by providing basic development. Along with this PaaS also allows you to take care of the expense of buying and managing software licences. It has all the required development tools and other resources and with the help of these resources, you can make and develop an application with even a low budget. This is the perfect cloud to manage the applications and services which you yourself develop.

Serverless computing

Serverless computing is the best Cloud Computing service and this provides a lot of things to the users. This particular Cloud Computing service handles the Setup, Service Management and capacity planning for you. With the help of this service, you can focus on your business and let this computing service to Manage, scale and run the applications for you. With the help of this computing service, you don’t need to bother about infrastructure.

What are the uses of cloud computing?

As far as the uses of cloud computing are concerned and there are many. With the help of cloud computing services, you can quickly run, deploy and scale applications. Along with this it also helps you to reduce the application development cost.

With the help of these services, you can protect your data much more effectively and along with this, you can unify your data across teams’ divisions and locations in the cloud.

It is easier with the help of these services to back up your data and to connect with the audience anywhere you like. The best benefit of cloud computing is that with the help of these services you can use the latest versions of software’s and all the perfect updates will be available to you.

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