February 21, 2019

NetApp FlexPod Certification: 5 Things to Know

NetApp, Inc. is the data authority for the hybrid cloud that provides hybrid cloud data services for management and administration of applications and data across cloud and on-premises environments. NetApp offers two Cisco and NetApp FlexPod certifications named FlexPod Design Specialist and FlexPod Implementation and Administration Specialist. There are many online training facilities for such FlexPod solutions and so, let’s now take a look at some useful pointers that will create more awareness about NetApp FlexPod certification and help in the procedure of getting one.

NetApp FlexPod Certification – Everything You Need To Know

Enroll in NetApp Training Classes

Candidates opting for NetApp FlexPod certification need to fulfill some prerequisites and requirements- to even enroll in the training classes- that are clearly defined by NetApp’s official website. They include having at least 6 to 12 months experience of working with tools and standards for assessing FlexPod computing solution performance characteristics and requirements, understanding of related hardware components, etc.

Be well informed

The online tutor-led training programs are actually very short- usually, of around 2 days where the individuals learn more about NetApp FlexPod, the curriculum they have to cover for the FlexPod solutions and be well informed about the related components, options, solutions- in courses related to FlexPod solutions, designing etc.

Enroll in other related courses as well

Some of the prerequisites of training classes and examination preparations of FlexPod solutions even include qualification in other courses. For instance, individuals opting for training courses like Designing the FlexPod Solution need to have been successfully cleared certain courses, some of them being: ONTAP NFS Administration, Managing NAS and Performance Analysis Combo etc. It is a very important point and thus all applying individuals need to make sure they’ve covered all the prerequisites before applying for their respective courses.

Add weight to the resume

The exams for these courses are available in both English and simplified Chinese and all individuals managing to clear the examinations for either of the two above mentioned courses will be awarded NetApp FlexPod logos and certificates-not only do they have international recognition but hold significant values in the resumes.

Increase work efficiency

The exams include 5 components defined as computing, networking, storage, virtualization, and Management and Orchestration Tools. These FlexPod solutions aim not only to broaden the level of knowledge within individuals but helps fasten the infrastructure deployment and business critical applications all the while increasing work efficiency by reducing cost, complexity, and risks involved.

Many organizations and firms are offering proper short, tutor-led course preparations and training that have made appearing for the exams of such course even easier. Passing these FlexPod solutions would not only increase individuals’ knowledge but also help in their specialization.

Furthermore, many large scales, well-reputed firms, and organizations actually prefer hiring employees with such qualifications on their resumes. In addition to all this, individuals qualified and certified with FlexPod courses are more probable to be hired at higher pay scales and the current employees have a better chance of promotions because they are actually contributing towards increasing firms’ productivities that is the eventual aim of organizations.

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