December 19, 2019

Mobile App Strategy &App Marketing Ideas

Apps are one of the sure-shot ways to add to the business growth. And now businesses of all the verticals are jumping in the fray to build an app. But with this growing compulsion of apps has set in motion a new stumbling block that the app owners need to handl

On average, 6000 apps are pushed into the app stores daily. It means there is more than ever competition in the mobile app industry. Hence, to stand out among all the competition, it’s very much necessary for the app owners to promote their apps in the relevant audience.

So now it’s clear that getting an app developed is not enough, but to endorse that app suitably in the market is more crucial. Therefore, we have come up with this write up where we will be highlighting the most elementary, yet significant mobile app marketing ways.

1. Make the ASO Strategies Impeccable

 App Store Optimization or ASO is one of the most essential and decisive parts after the app development. Before hitting the market, it’s necessary that the app should be visible to the users in the app stores. Be it Apple App Store or Google Play Store, ASO is a must for both.

By optimizing the app with the ASO guidelines, you will make sure that whenever a user searches for a query related to your app, your app will have better chances of discoverability and visibility.

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There are many ways that can aid the ASO strategy and some of them include link building, URL keyword optimization, SEO keyword targeting, app indexation, and more.

2. Engage Users on Social Media

Nowadays, social media is one such platform that can help you connect with the most relevant audience. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Messenger have millions of users and among this lot, you can easily target people.

Most importantly, these platforms are just not limited to regular users; you also get a chance to connect directly with entrepreneurs, customers, clients, and companies.

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But before setting out to explore opportunities in the social media domain, app owners should classify the audience that each of these social media platforms caters to. For instance, if the app is about productivity, then the best platform to market that is LinkedIn because there are working professionals and entrepreneurs who are always on the lookout to boost their efficiency.

3. A Blog Page Can Help

Captivating the target audience through a blog page is a new and innovative way to engage with the audience. With the ever-expanding connectivity network, people have access to the internet where they can research and analyze almost anything. Therefore, informing the users over a blog can be really handy for the app owners.

A blog is an excellent approach to enlighten the target audience in detail about the app. Unlike many other channels where there are limitations, you can actually talk about the app, its usage, and the advantages that it carries.

4. Create a Short Video

As per a study by Diode Digital, 60% of visitors watch video content before reading text on the same webpage. Consequently, it makes more sense if app owners devote time to creating a quick video about the app. This way, the app’s features and functionalities can be explained to the users in a quick time.

According to a survey by Wyzowl, 81% of the businesses are using video as a marketing tool and with time, this percentage is going to increase further. So, it’s high time that app owners start investing in app videos.

 5. Get Your App Reviewed

App reviews are determining for the users because word of mouth from a reputed person or a website can leave a great deal of impact on them. There are various tech bloggers and websites that go for the mobile app reviews and many a time, users go through their content and video before making up their mind.

Also, the app review by an expert will give you a fair bit of users’ feedback and accordingly, you can make changes to make it more relevant as per the target audience.

 Author Bio:-Twinkle is the product head of MobileAppDaily and keeps a close eye on the latest and trending tech releases. With her wise taste of the tech industry, she has single-handedly created a recognizable brand image.




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