November 14, 2019

Getting a perfect finish on your car’s paintwork

Buying a car is a big investment, and next to buying a house or paying for holidays, it is one of the largest many people make in their lives. Whether it is exotic supercars or just a family saloon, it will cost a lot of money. Of course, driving should be pleasurable and convenient for daily travel purposes. It is also about showing off your car and making it look its best. Caring for your car in this way not only protects your investment when you come to sell it on but also means your car’s condition will impress all that see it.

For many car owners, the best way to achieve this is to work on their car’s paintwork. Doing so will ensure that it looks fabulous everytime you drive it and it will attract glances for the right reasons. But how do you go about getting that showroom style finish on your car?

Wash your car regularly

The first and arguably most important step to getting a perfect finish on your auto is to wash it regularly. So many people fail to do this, and it means that anything else you try will not have the maximum impact it should. Failing to wash your car regularly will also mean that built up dirt and grime will damage its condition over time. The best advice is to wash your car every week with some good quality car shampoo. Of course, if you would rather not do it by hand then using a good quality car wash is fine.

Give it a polish

The next step after washing is polishing. This will help you get rid of blemishes on the paintwork of your motor. After polishing your car, the bodywork should feel smooth and have no noticeable scuffs or dinks. As with all car care jobs, make sure you buy good quality polish and the right sort of polishing towel to achieve best results. When done, you will love the feel it gives to your car.

Protect your car’s bodywork

Now that your car is clean and smooth, it is ready to move onto the more serious detailing work. Sealing your car’s paintwork is the best way to protect it and is something that car lovers have been doing for a long time. Once sealed, your car will be safe from environmental damage and general grime when you are out driving on the nation’s roads. This process gives your car’s bodywork a seal against things that can harm it.

Break out the wax

The final step for getting that showroom finish is to wax your car. Many car lovers believe that natural carnauba wax is the best product to use and they look for ones which use this as the base. Waxing your car gives your car’s paintwork an impressive shine and enhances the color. While you may question if this is needed, you simply cannot leave out waxing if you want the best finish possible.

Car shine spray – the new way to handle it

The above steps show the traditional way in which car fans achieve a perfect finish on their vehicle. There is no denying though that handling it like this involves lots of time, effort and also expense. What if you cannot afford numerous products to complete each stage or do not have the time to be polishing and waxing every weekend? Car shine spray is the answer, and with lots of car shine spray options now on the market, it is easy to use this method.

Many sprays of this nature use carnauba wax as the main ingredient to bring the shine and great looks to your car. The reason many car owners are now using them is the value for money and convenience they offer. Many can be applied in just 15-minutes and one coat gives both shine and protection to your car. Shine sprays are also easy to apply and work with, so no hard work is needed to get top results. When you also factor in that you only have to buy one bottle of product when using shine spray to do everything, then it is clear why it is so popular.

Getting the perfect shine and color is not hard 

If you want to keep your car in great condition, then you will need to put some work into caring for it. While you may choose to take the more traditional route as outlined in the first few steps above, it is also possible for those with less time or money to get the same effect by using car shine spray.

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