Quirks to Look for When Buying a New Car
Quirks to Look for When Buying a New Car

5 Details That Might Just Sell You

People who have shopped for a new car know it’s not just the main performance specs that sell you. It’s the little quirks and personality traits of the vehicle. Sometimes the feel of the car is the winning characteristic, but finding this connection isn’t always easy. To help you along in your search, here are the top five quirks to look for when buying a new car.

#1 – The Design

Nothing says “quirky” in a vehicle quite like an off-kilter design. Remember the Volkswagen Beetle? Of course, you do! Very few cars in history stood out on looks alone quite like the VW bug. The car had so much character that Hollywood cast it as the lead in several films.

The point we’re making here is that the look and design of a car is what gives it most of its personality. When you’re shopping for new cars for sale in Houston, try to find the vehicle that gives you a fun vibe.

#2 – The Interior

Automakers are doing a lot of fun and quirky things with their interiors nowadays. Some vehicles feature seats with eclectic upholstery patterns that definitely feel outside the box. Other vehicles come with a mood lighting feature that allows drivers to customize the vibe in their car through the glow of illumination. Sync up the lighting of your choice with your favorite soundtrack and it’s perfect for night driving.

#3 – Voice Assistants

Ever since the debut of the K.I.T.T. car in the 1980’s television series Knight Rider, drivers have long dreamed of having conversations with their vehicle. Alas, this is a feature we had to wait nearly four decades before it finally came true. Many 2022 and 2023 models of vehicles will now include an Alexa-like voice assistant in their cars.

Depending on how advanced your car’s voice assistant is, you can ask it to do things like turn down the temperature, turn up the radio, or open the moonroof, just to name a few. Some voice assistants even tell jokes. It’s a great little feature that adds some additional personality to the car, not to mention making for a more hands-free experience for drivers.

#4 – Infotainment and Convenience Features

Although maybe not a quirk per se, features round out the driving experience and are key contributors to a vehicle’s personality and function. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, for instance, allow drivers to fully integrate their smartphones into their vehicle, granting them access to all their favorite apps via the car’s touchscreen interface. This keeps things hands-free for drivers who need to take a call or send a text while behind the wheel. You can use voice commands to accept a call or to dictate a text, all while keeping both hands on the wheel.  

Other cool and quirky features we like include intuitive start, wireless charging, App connect, seasonal driving modes, hands-free liftgate, and power folding door mirrors. All of these fun features elevate the car-owning experience and make things more user-friendly.

#5 – Driver Assistance Features   

It’s so interesting how late model vehicles these days know just when to politely (or abrasively) nudge us in the right direction when it comes to safety. Try to perform an ill-advised lane change or start backing into an out-of-view obstruction, and your vehicle will hit you with a beep or chirp of warning.

The thing that we love the most though is automatic parallel parking. What’s cooler and quirkier than watching your car park itself?

Finding that Perfect, Quirky Car

If you’re on the hunt for a vehicle packed with personality and off-beat characteristics, you might have to expand your search beyond “new cars for sale near me.” The truth of the matter is that most new cars aren’t searched by their vibe they give off. A search for “quirky cars” is going to return a bunch of results of cars that aren’t made anymore, such as the Pontiac Aztek and the Gremlin.

The best approach to finding that perfect non-traditional vehicle may be visiting a dealership or two and seeing which vehicles speak to you (literally, if they have a voice assistant). You can go the online route but getting the feel of a vehicle’s personality is something best done in person. Keep in mind, you can always pick the brain of your sales associate as to which vehicles are the most fun to drive and pack in the most experience for their owners.