March 24, 2020

10 Tips For Filing A Successful Travel Insurance Claim

We all know that there’s no fun in filing an insurance claim; yet by any chance, travel insurances are the most common types of insurance that people claim. Whether be it a cancelled trip, or delayed baggage or even a medical emergency, these are some of the risks that can be easily covered by a travel insurance policy. Given below are the top ten tips that one can follow in order to successfully claim their travel insurance:

  1. Don’t forget to read your insurer’s terms and conditions before buying travel insurance. Believe it or not, the majority of the problems can be easily solved by giving a thorough reading of their blueprint. Just head over to your insurer’s website the download the same before applying for travel insurance.
  1. If you are going through some sort of medical condition, don’t forget to check their lists of the pre-existing ailments that won’t be covered during your trip. Truth to be told, there’s no point in fighting with the policy limitations.


  1. By any instance, if your personal belongings are stolen, including your purse or jewellery, don’t forget to immediately report to the local police station and other concerned authorities. Getting a written copy is always a must-have.



  1. Once filing the report has been done, contact with your insurance agent too, in order to check the time limit by which you have to file your claim.


  1. One pro tip, during your trip, make sure to add your insurer’s helpline number into your emergency call list, just in case anything goes wrong where you can’t even make a call.


  1. One of the biggest mistakes that the majority of the people make while making their claim for lost items is that they don’t provide their receipt. Your Travel Insurance always asks for the monetary receipt in order to provide a correct valuation of your lost possession. In case the flight gets delayed or cancelled, don’t forget to keep the receipt of the ticket, meals and other bought items.


  1. Always keep the paperwork ready for other policies at hand. Especially, medical insurances are always handy for such instances. At the time of claim, your travel insurer might want to keep all the terms and conditions of other policies in check before proceeding further.


  1. Keep all the receipts and purchase of insurances in a dated matter. This will certainly help you to keep all documents in an orderly manner. If there’s any police report, don’t forget to add the same too.


  1. Don’t just depend on a single insurance provider. Check with other insurance policies which might provide you with the claim without giving you a hard time on that. Take, for instance, the majority of the times, health insurance cover any accidents or illness that might have taken place during the trip. On such instances, there’s no in arguing with your travel insurance provider for such claims.


  1. The quicker, the merrier. Don’t take too much time to claim your insurance. During the time of utmost emergency, prioritize your claim over anything else. For most of the travel insurance companies, they provide a particular time frame under which you have to file your claim; otherwise, they might get void.

Last but not least, if your claim gets rejected, don’t just accept it without any proper explanation. Ask them why with a justifiable cause. If you believe that you are just from your end, don’t forget to ask for a re-filing procedure, in which case certainly more paperwork might be required. With regards to the tips that you can pull off to get a successful claim, here are some of the dos and don’ts that you also need to keep in check.

Few do’s for travel insurance claim

  • Always make sure to share complete and relevant information along with regards to the claim you are about to make. This helps the insurance company to understand your situation better.
  • Always keep the receipt of your original purchases in one place, so that during the time of emergency, you don’t have to hop around searching for it.
  • As soon as you incur a medical emergency, don’t forget to inform the insurance company.
  • Make sure to notify your insurer, as soon as you receive an email regarding the payment from the hospital where you were admitted.
  • If there’s any sudden medical evacuation, make sure to inform the insurer immediately. This can help you to save a lot of time, conveying the information on such critical instances.
  • Never forget to provide alternative contact numbers, be it from your travelling companion or any family member or close friend.


Few don’ts for travel insurance claim

  • Never ignore any email, or other information conveyed to you, from the insurance company.
  • Never go in direct negotiation with your insurance provider. This, in turn, can give them an upper hand from you.
  • Don’t go into a direct arrangement for a medical emergency without consulting with your insurer. On such instances, denial of the claim is inevitable.
  • Don’t argue with your insurance provider, if possible, ask for a proper reason if your claim gets cancelled.


Final thoughts

To sum up- while your travel insurance may charge a few hundred bucks, it can potentially have your life and help you from any monetary losses.

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