September 8, 2020

Wave Your Flag Proudly

custom flag

If you are a business owner, you know there are many ways to spend your marketing dollars. And you know that a successful advertising campaign is elusive and what worked last year may not produce the same results this year. Your efforts get segmented every season as new and different ways to get your message out to the public grows. No longer do you have the limited options of traditional advertising venues of newspapers, television, radio and direct mail. You can segment your approach by using social media in addition to keeping what worked well last season. But with all these methods of advertising, you need to pay attention to the research. The National Association of Advertisers concluded that the most effective form of advertising is on-premises signage, besting newspapers, radio, TV, and outdoor billboards. The best way to add on-premises signage is with a custom flag.

What Type of Custom Flag Works Best?

Most traditional flags only work when they are in a stiff breeze so the flag is open, and people can see your message. However, the feather flag design doesn’t need wind power to work. Designed to resemble a graceful bird’s feather, the slightest breeze will make your flag flutter and wave. The flag itself is anchored into the ground, so your message is at eye level, and able to attract passersby and turn them into buyers. The flags themselves are made in the United States, using high quality materials, and made for long-term outdoor use. There are stock flags that you can order immediately for sales and holiday events, but you can work with an in-house designer to come up with a truly custom design that showcases your company colors, logos and special fonts that you’ve worked hard to identify your business.

How to Use the Flags

You can order either a twelve or a fifteen-foot high flag, which will arrive as a four-piece kit. Pound the anchor spike into the ground in front of your business. The pole comes in two pieces that are screwed together. Then, the sleeve of the flag is fed onto the pole. Insert the end of the pole into the anchor and you have an instant message to attract both foot traffic and drive-by traffic. If you need to bring the flag indoors for an event, simply switch out the anchor spike for a weighted donut and you have an instant backdrop for your company’s special event or trade show. There are more than enough reasons for your company to consider ordering a custom flag.

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