July 26, 2019

What is the use of petticoats?

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In today’s world of pants and jeans and skirts, petticoats have become quite a rarity. But those of us who still love wearing those long gowns and flared dress will know the importance of petticoats. Experience will tell you how useful petticoats are to make your dress or gown look more elegant and beautiful. Many people who wear such gowns and dresses often wear it with wearing petticoats and wonder whether petticoats are actually necessary. Well, they were invented for a reason and even though most people seem to have forgotten the reasons, their importance still remains just the same.

A good petticoat has a lot of uses and will make your overall attire much more attractive than before. People even need to wear a petticoat under their wedding gowns to make the gown look much more flattering. There are different types of petticoats that help achieve different looks for your attires. Browse through the collection of JJ’s House to have an idea. Petticoats are made specifically for certain types of dresses. You can’t wear a petticoat for one dress with a different type of dress. With the right kind of petticoat to complement your dress, your entire attire will look much more glamorous, making you look more attractive.

Why petticoat is needed?

In various places a petticoat is also called a pannier. It is very important in various fashion industries to make their designs look fancier. Here are a few basic reasons why petticoats are useful:

  1. By wearing a petticoat you will be getting an A-line silhouette or a voluminous bell-shaped figure which is quite popular in the latest trends. Thus with petticoats you will be able to achieve a much more flattering look.
  2. Petticoats are also known to provide a sense of modesty. Instead of leaving your legs bare underneath your dress, a petticoat covers them and helps you stay modest in public places.
  3. Many petticoats have frills and accessories attached to its hemline. Thus it adds a fun element to your attire. They provide just the right amount of accessories and frills that will make your dress look wonderful.
  4. If it wasn’t obvious all this while, then know that overall, a dress with a petticoat underneath it will add an air or elegance and cuteness to it. Dresses with a skater skirt will look cuter and elegant with a petticoat to complement it and flare the skirt. It will make your waist look thinner and hips wider. Thus overall the petticoat will help you look more attractive.

An exaggerated skirt shape is quite important for styles of dressing and removing that would be similar to making a cake but without the icing. It will still technically be a cake, but it won’t as pretty and exciting as the nicely decorated cake with icing. Similarly dresses without petticoats are fine but with petticoats they become more attractive and pretty. Some dresses also have a lot of extra fabric which just sits there without anything to do without a petticoat. In some cases it might look pretty by providing the appearance of beautiful pleats, but in some dresses it just looks awkward. So wearing a petticoat is needed.

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