October 25, 2022

What Can You learn from an HEV Skill-Lync Course?

What Can You learn from an HEV Skill-Lync Course?

Skill-Lync provides this electric vehicle online course with a certificate to provide engineers with a set of experiences and skills required to develop in the field of electric vehicles. Generally, there are four tracks of specialization in such a program, and every track focuses on an important aspect of EV corporations. Among one track from these four, you can register yourself to build and enhance your skills. These four tracks are as: 

  • By opting for an embedded software track, you will understand the software and hardware interface in improving embedded networks for the applications of Electric Vehicles. You will also get concepts of control units of electronics in EVs, programming of bare metal, verification of software, C++, and development of Linux driver. 
  • If you choose model-based development, you will be known about the basics of model-based development of Electric vehicles.  You will also understand AUTOSAR architecture and embedded systems of automotive. By opting for this track, you will get a good experience in assessing and stimulating electric and hybrid electric vehicles by using various software such as Simulink and Matlab. 
  • The track of EV system design will provide you with knowledge of the design, modeling, and simulation of electric vehicles and their separate parts. This track will make you understand the battery design and powerTrain architecture. 
  • The track of E-Drive systems provides you with knowledge and experience of topologies of the power converter, power converter design, and the function of Simulink and Matlab in stimulating and designing various components of power. From this track, you will learn how, by using various software tools, you can study the efficiency of power components. 

Therefore, from these four tracks mentioned above, the students are allowed to select one track in which the student wants to get enough skills. Moreover, every track is designed carefully by leading experts in this field so that a set of courses will develop that will ultimately help the learners. 

What can you gain from these courses? 

  • From HEV Skill Lync courses, the students will get a good understanding of various critical concepts of engineering and techniques used by high OEMs for designing future ICE and electric vehicles. 
  • The learners will get a concept of methodologies in improving a mode and a good knowledge of integrating the various aspects of manufacturing during vehicle designing. 
  • The students will get a good experience using software utilized by various OEMs that helps them develop and design a vehicle. 

Why should you register yourself in this program? 

  • The learners will get a piece of good knowledge about the hybrid electric vehicles
  • The student will choose their best domain and can become an expert in that domain by gaining enough knowledge a d experience. 
  • The learners are exposed to new tools and trends, and various practices that are currently followed in many industries.




After completing this course, the learner understands the aerodynamics of vehicles, electric vehicles, and the strength estimation of material. Various software that is taught and used in this entire course, such as CATIA, MATLAB, Solidworks, Hupermesh, and ANSA, will assist the students in various ways.


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