How to remove tattoo permanently without scars

The tattoo removal using a laser is the best method to remove a tattoo without any kind of scarring. However, the Q-switched lasers removal tattoo procedure is useful to remove tattoos instead of surgery.

Many people have queries related to laser tattoo removal. To clear all your queries read content till the end; you will get an idea about what is laser tattoo removal, how it works, and best doctor for laser tattoo removal Delhi.

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Do you have any unwanted tattoo design on your body? Are you worried about surgery for the removal of a tattoo? The laser tattoo removal treatment helps you to remove it completely without any requirement of surgery. The laser tattoo removal cost is also available under your budget and the time taken for the removal of a tattoo depends on the size of it.

How it Works (Q Switched Nd’yag laser treatment)

At the time of laser tattoo removal treatment, the laser light is placed on the skin (tattoo area). The laser light absorbs the ink tattoo particles leaves the chromophores and skin tissue without causing any harm. In this process, the ink particles of the tattoo absorb the heat up and energy of it and then shatter the tattoo ink making slowly vanishing of tattoo ink.

Dr. Navin Taneja is the extraordinary Dermatologist who always says rather than surgery laser treatment consumes less time and gives efficient results in no time. He is the excellent dermatologist in thenationalskincentre, H-30 South Extension Part-I in New Delhi. Dr. Navin Taneja also says that after performing laser treatment, and regular follow-up according to the doctor instructions is required to avoid future complications. He also suggests keeping the laser-treated area away from water until the complete cure.

Post Tattoo Removal

You have to follow the advice of your practitioner to reduce the risk of complications.


  • You have to keep the tattoo treated area clean and dry until it is fully cured.
  • Apply anti-septic cream according to the doctor’s prescription.
  • In this treatment blistering is common, it’s common and a kind of healing.
  • You should not pick any bruising or scabs available on the skin to avoid scarring.
  • Avoid scrubbing on the treated area to avoid scarring.
  • You have to make sure to use the sunscreen lotion on the treated part to reduce the pigmentation risk.

The Q switched Nd’yag laser tattoo removal treatment is like a rubber band hitting the skin. Most people can tolerate the pain of this laser treatment as it causes only less pain. However, the discomfort due to the treatment goes after completion of the treatment.


  • Avoid swimming pools
  • If you notice any of the infection signs, contact your doctor immediately.

Note: If the treated area is having dry blisters and scabs there is less chance of infections. In case, the blisters and scabs are glistening or wet there is a high chance of infection.