January 28, 2020

10 Essentials for an Overlanding Trip

Adventure forth with all the gear you need for a confident overlanding trip. While the thrill of any overlanding trip is a little adventure, be sure you have the gear and accessories necessary to stay safe while you blaze your own trail. From rims all terrain driving to some quality camping gear, grab these top 10 essentials and make your adventure.

  1. Overlanding Tent

When a day trip becomes a multi-day experience, it’s important to have a comfortable bed. Kicking back in your seat for the night is uncomfortable and can ruin the entire experience, especially when you have a Jeep full of riders. Quality roof-top tents, awnings and other overlanding options help you get a good night’s sleep for another full day of driving.

  1. Reliable Winch

Sudden mud pits and other difficulties are just part of the adventure. Be sure to pick up a reliable winch to get yourself or your buddy out of these sticky situations. A quality winch is powerful enough to pull yourself out and portable enough to stay out of your way when you don’t need it.

  1. All-Terrain Tires

Killer treads make even the toughest terrain feel like blacktop. Invest in all-terrain or off-road tires for improved traction, fuel economy and tire lifespan as you travel.

  1. Versatile Roof Rack

An off road roof rack makes it easy to store all your gear safely out of the way. Camping and adventure gear can quickly fill up your Jeep or overlanding SUV. Use a roof rack to store your tent, bicycles or camping gear to make more room for your passengers.

  1. Camping Gear

A tent will keep you cozy, but you’ll need cooking gear and other camping essentials to stay well-fed and comfortable while overlanding. There isn’t going to be a fast food restaurant where you’re going, so plan our meals accordingly.

  1. Emergency Towing Kit

Even a winch has bad days. Don’t rely on a winch alone to get you out of a bind, but pack a tow strap and other emergency essentials to be sure a mud pit doesn’t get the best of you.

  1. Portable Air Compressor

A flat tire on pavement can be inconvenient, but a flat while overlanding can be an emergency. Invest in a portable air compressor to keep your tires inflated and moving you forward.

  1. High-Visibility Lighting

There’s nothing quite like the darkness of the countryside. When you’re miles from civilization, you need to improve your lighting to keep your path well-lit and safe.

  1. Leveling Kit

Leave the smooth trails behind and invest in a new suspension system and leveling kit. A leveling kit can balance out your heavy-duty suspension and keep your vehicle comfortable and safe from uneven, rocky terrain.

  1. Portable Jack

Pop up your vehicle and quickly swap out a flat tire with a portable jack. Don’t rely on the whimpy jack that came with your vehicle, but pick up an alternative that’s quick, safe and convenient.

This top 10 list may not be all the gear you need, but it’s a good start. From a quality leveling kit to a cozy tent, gear up for an unforgettable overlanding experience and stay safe out there.

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